The book just isn’t as good as the movie.

Rarely, if ever do you hear that sentence.  Every once-in-a-while, you’ll see a book rendition of a film screenplay and the movie is much better, but in general, book fans are purists.

So many times, I have left the theater with a friend who immediately started berating the movie because it missed scene X in the book where the hero’s loving side kick does something cute.   The point is, if they left it in, the movie would have been another fifteen minutes in a two and half hour movie.  Movie goers don’t wanna sit that long.  Lord of the Ring fans remember that numb feeling in your butt?

Now, that trilogy was a masterpiece and very well adapted.  Even then, I heard fans of the movie extolling the absence of Tom Bombadil.  If you remember, he played a very minor role and was only included as a favor by Tolkien to Hobbit fans.  His role was more of a “Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle.”  It really didn’t make a difference.

I see film adaptations of my favorite stories as an artistic interpretation.  I look more for how the film makers have brought such beloved characters to the screen.  Do they match how I pictured them in my mind?  I also look to see if it catches the mood of the story.

For instance, when I was very little, I saw Dune.  It wasn’t until years later I actually read the book.  I was disappointed at first that they didn’t match up but I fell into the beauty of the story, the complexity of the characters, the genius.  Then I saw the Sci-Fi channel version and it made  me sad.  It was more accurate, but I found it lacking.  Maybe it was because I grew up with the original or maybe it was because it failed to catch the mood of the story.

Either way, I enjoy a film for the film’s sake and a book for the book’s sake, but overall, I enjoy the story as long as it’s good.


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2 Responses to The book just isn’t as good as the movie.

  1. I thankful I saw the LotR films without having read the books. I loved the films and consider them some of the best fantastic cinema ever done. Alas, the books… I have started reading LotR three times, and stop dead at Tom Bombadill every time. The language is just too dated, the pace too sleepy, and Bombadill too distracting. Besides, I saw the films, and know basically what happens anyway.

  2. Chris Kouju says:

    You have a point! The fan part of me wanted everything in Lord of the Rings (and my best friend bemoaned the lack of a proper House of Healing scene for Faramir and Eowyn) but the films were outstanding on their own.

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