A review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I have been since college. I fought hard against it at first though. My uncle sent me the first book for my sixteenth birthday. I tossed it aside, offended. It was a little kids book. Why did he send it to me?

Then, I got to college. All of my friends raved about how amazing the book was. The first movie came out that year as well and I went to see it. I was hooked. I loved it from the very first moment I started reading it. I bought the next three books over several months, as I could afford them. Prizoner of Azkaban made me late to French class. My professor was not amused, but I was.

Fast forward to 2010, the last movie is out. I went to the midnight showing like any other good Harry Potter fan. I did my best to ignore the obnoxious jocks in the top rows, the sorority idiots behind me, and the annoying child several rows behind us that screamed at the pre-movie slide show theaters are so fond of.

Then, the moment of truth. Would Deathly Hallows meet my expectations or crush them utterly, leaving me a bitter, angry Potterite?  The first five minutes of the movie exceeded my expectations.  I’ll try to leave this review as spoiler free as possible.  Though, if you haven’t read the books or watched the movies yet, why are you reading this?  Go read the books!

Deathly Hallows was amazing.  I couldn’t believe how much it held true to the books.  The dialogue was almost verbatim to the book.  They threw in a few extra things in order to explain key points of the plot such as characters and moods that were left out of previous movie and cut out non-essential parts for the sake of time.  I wasn’t disappointed with the cuts or the add-ins.  I thought they were clever.

There were a few plot holes here and there, but nothing glaring.  I’m going to see it again, on IMAX with my fellow fans.  A small warning, this movie is dark, very dark.  Do not go into this movie expecting The Sorceror’s Stone.  It’s not going to be that bright and happy.  Death is a common theme as is struggle, pain, and sacrifice.  I’m not saying, don’t take the kiddos, but keep in mind, this is more in line with Return of the King in mood than Toy Story.

Also, if you haven’t read the books (again, why are you reading this?) it might be a bit confusing.  Go with a Potter fan so they can explain the bits that don’t make sense and for goodness sake, I cannot emphasize this enough, read the books!


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