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So, Kevin and I have been catching up on Season 6 of Bones now that we have Hulu. A couple of nights ago, we caught the episode “The Finder” about a man who has a seemingly miraculous ability to find things. I had heard about this episode via Facebook, and had kind of dismissed it as another attempt by the networks to make money off of an already profitable franchise.

Well, that was a mistake. The episode was awesome. It had one of my favorite actors, Michael Clarke Duncan as a dressed down legal advisor of a brain damaged war vet with the above mentioned finding powers. Did that make sense? It makes sense to me. There was also a lovely woman with a thick Cockney accent who pilots a helicopter, tends bars, oh and she’s also a profiler. Fantastic. And the Finder? Oh he was awesome. Keen abilities of observation, extremely paranoid, and quick on his feet. These characters are apparently going to be in a spin off of Bones called, you guessed it, The Finder.

It’s based off of a series of books by Richard Greener called The Locator. There are only two books in this series as of right now. It would seem that Mr. Greener got very lucky with the right people. I will be picking up those books as well. I like quirky, kind of nutso characters. They’re fun.

Now, I fully expect that the books are very different from how the characters are portrayed on TV. Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan is very different from the TV Temperance Brennan. And I’m okay with that. I like them both. I’ll let you good folks know how the books are.


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  1. Kym DeCorte says:

    I so love Bones! I’m going to hulu now to catch that particular episode, must have missed it, and you will love the books. I have them all…

    • I wasn’t talking about reading the Kathy Reichs books. I’m already reading those. I was talking about reading the Richard Greener books, the ones the episode “The Finder” is based off of.

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