A quick update

Things have been really, really crazy around here. I’m working to get things up on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords as quick as I can and I’m writing madly on the sequel to Galileo’s Stepdaughter, Galileo Resurrected, but life is definitely getting in the way.

Work has been hella busy. I’m training my desk at work for a new client, so my schedule has flip-flopped all over the place. Kevin’s dad had to have surgery a couple of weeks ago (no worries, he’s fine now). And I’ve been sick with Bob knows what. But I am writing and formating.

I plan to have another novel up in the next week. This one is straight sci-fi. I had lots of fun writing it. I’ll make the announcement as soon as it’s ready to go.

I have other projects I’m working on as well. I’ll give more on them as they near completion. They’re sci-fi thrillers, though one is directed towards young adults. I’ve had to put them on the back-burner for a bit, but as soon as all this training mess is over, they’ll be back in full swing.

I plan to have Galileo Resurrected out by late fall, early winter, right on time for all the cold weather, when it’s just better to stay in with a good book and a warm drink.

I want to thank everyone who’s bought copies and spread the word. These books are doing better than I had ever dreamed and I know, with time, that it will only get better. Thank you all so much. If you’ve given me a review, thank you as well.

Also, apparently I have an overseas reader, or at least an international one not in the UK or Germany. Very cool! If you read this blog, say hi!

News is coming, stay tuned!


About amandamccarter

I am an aspiring writer. I spend most of my time balancing my work, my personal life and my craft. It is my hope that my craft and my work will one day be the same thing and I can spend more time on my personal life. I live with my boyfriend, my insane fluff ball of a cat, and two snakes. In what little spare time I have, I play video games, read, knit, and help out with the local conventions.
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  1. Katie says:

    SO RAD that you’re a writer, I had no idea til I saw your blog! I hope to read some of your work soon! I just broke my e-reader, but once I get it replaced I’m really keen on reading “Galileo’s Stepdaughter”.

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