Print books aren’t going away

No, really, they’re not. They might become more expensive, and harder to find among midlist authors, but they ain’t going anywhere. How do I know?

Anathem by Neal Stephenson. No, the book itself isn’t the reason print isn’t going anywhere, but it’s a good example for me. I bought the book from the Sci-Fi book club and shoved it into my book shelf the day it arrived. Well, I finally picked it up last night. Story aside (which so far is fantastic), the book was fantastically bound and printed. It was heavy, I mean a few pounds heavy. And the pages! Oh how wonderful the pages. They were sliver thin and slick, almost like Bible pages. The feel was fantastic.

And that is why print won’t go away. There is always going to be that one nutter (points to self), that has to have a book because of the binding and print. Or the author, for that matter. I have to buy anything and everything by Peter F. Hamilton in hardback. However, there are still other authors I don’t mind buying electronic because it’s cheaper and it doesn’t matter electronic or paper. All the same, print ain’t going anywhere. Now shut up and read.


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I am an aspiring writer. I spend most of my time balancing my work, my personal life and my craft. It is my hope that my craft and my work will one day be the same thing and I can spend more time on my personal life. I live with my boyfriend, my insane fluff ball of a cat, and two snakes. In what little spare time I have, I play video games, read, knit, and help out with the local conventions.
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