Step it up, Barnes and Noble

So, Amazon just made their huge announcement about all the lovely eReaders/tablets they have coming out…right on time for Christmas. With their most affordable eReader coming in at 79$ and their most expensive tablet coming in at 199$, Amazon’s new line up is pretty tempting. They’ve under priced Barnes and Noble big time. Even I’m tempted by the new Kindle Fire and I’m a die hard Barnes and Noble girl.

No really. I like my brick and mortar stores, despite what everyone thinks about them. I don’t think they’re going away, but Barnes and Noble seriously needs to step up their game. Amazon has even dropped the price of their 3G devices. The Kindle Touch 3G drops in at 149$ and their Kindle Keyboard 3G is 139$. What gives B&N? 199$ is pretty damn nice for a tablet. Granted, I’d probably root it, upload Honeycomb and be done with it, provided the innards are forgiving, but come on. 249 bucks for the Nook Color is gonna hurt you guys big time. That’s 50 extra dollars I could spend on books. E-books, at least 10 if not more.

Come on B&N, tell me you’ve got a big bomb to drop in November. Pretty please? So you can stay in the game?


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  1. I’m holding out, even still. No e-reader yet. I think I’ll get an e-reader when my to-read pile of paper books and mags is exhausted, and that’s not happening for at least the next 2 to 3 years. (grin) if I were B&N I’d take the collapse of Borders as a warning sign: all is not well, adapt or perish. Of course, that’s true for publishers, too. (wink)

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