Rammstein Dallas 2012

Okay, I have been geeking out for this show since November.  We saw them last year in Chicago and it was amazing.  This year was better.

Lemme ‘splain.

This was their “greatest hits” tour or whatever you wanna call it for “Made in Germany.”  Now, Rammstein isn’t exactly going to be number one on the Billboard top 100.  Not gonna happen with an industrial band.  I get that, but they’ve had some pretty epic fucking songs.  EPIC.  So, for one, you have all these wonderful songs.

Then you add in the fact there are two stages.  That’s right folks, two.  There was the main stage and then a smaller stage in the middle of the mosh pit and we were nearly front row for the small stage.  Some friends of ours were in the pit and hung out pretty much on the small stage for almost the entire show.  They got pretty greased up.  You’ll see why in a bit.

If you’re familiar with Rammstein, you know they use a shite ton of explosives and pyrotechnics during their show.  If you’re not familiar, I could tell you they use a shite tone of pyrotechnics and explosives, but you still wouldn’t get it.  I will demonstrate.

Air conditioning?  What air conditioning?  We were on the first level and I think I may have singed my eyebrows.  Looooots of fire.  And this is apparently toned down in the U.S.  In Europe, where they don’t have as many “safety” laws, they can go a lot bigger.

But it’s not just the fire and explosions and scope of the concert.  These guys aren’t just musicians, they’re performers and the love it.  You can tell by how the interact on stage.  They joke and horse around and, yeah, it’s part of the act, but it speaks volumes to how well they work together and how much they enjoy it.  Did I also mention that they’ve been together 18 years and it’s still the original members of the band.  Let me say that again.  All six guys are the same six guys that started the damn thing.  No one’s gone diva and quit, no one’s been kicked out, no one’s died of a drug overdose or a stupid drunken/drugged accident.  It’s still the same guys.  That says A LOT.

Remember what I said about the performance aspect?  Yeah, here:

Fuckers know how to make an entrance.  This also gives you an idea of the scope of the show.  Two stages and a catwalk.  Hells yes.

However, don’t just think that little stage is just for them to make a dramatic entrance.  Also don’t think they’re all serious.  If you’re easily offended by sexual humor, stop right here.  I’m gonna leave you one more video.  I wish they could have done the full performance with this one, but because the US has issues with indecency, it’s toned down a bit.  Enjoy.  I did.


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5 Responses to Rammstein Dallas 2012

  1. mhjanine says:

    Thanks for splainin – It was def a hot time in the Big D on Tuesday night. I’m still trying to cool down 🙂

    • It was a lot of fun.

      • mhjanine says:

        Understatement 101 🙂

        I fear it may be similar to the Olympic Games. Every time, the productions get more and more elaborate and expensive. The Games are becoming cost prohibitive for so many places. Money aside, there is the sheer gradiosity of it all. It gets harder and harder to top that.

        I hope this is not illustrative of the fate of R+.

    • mhjanine says:

      Apparently you had time to cool down on the long drive back to Tulsa 😦

      • It wasn’t too bad. We drove 26 hours total last year to see them in Chicago. I’m just glad the show in Dallas went over so well. Maybe they’ll come back next tour. =D

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