A little more about Blood and Satin

Okay, so I promised to explain Blood and Satin a little more last weekend and post links when it went on sale.

Well, I got busy, so sue me.



Blood and Satin is the first book in the Adelaide Hunter series.  There will be twelve books in all.  I may do some origin stories of the older vampires later on, but we will see.

That’s right.  I said vampires.  I have said in the past that I would not do a vampire series, but this idea came to me and I had a lot of fun with it.  

Anyhoo, twelve books and they’re all relatively short, about 20,000 words each.

Why so short?

Well, for one, because it’s a challenge.  For two, sometimes, people just want a quick read. You’re waiting for the bus.  You’re on a plane.  You only have a day off in between the mad days off your crazy life.  You only have the attention span for a quick read.  Whatever it is.

And they’re all going to be priced relatively low, 2.99-3.99 because they’re so short.

I have plans to do omnibuses later on, but that’s later on and it depends on sales.

I will get the sequels out as fast as I can, but I work a full time job and have other responsibilities.  I’d love to do this full time.  But that’s not in the cards right now.  The better these books do, the better chance there is I’ll have more time, so, if you like them, tell your friends.

Amazon – 3.99

Barnes and Noble – 3.99

Smashwords – 3.99


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