Writing Under a Microscope: Day 3

Sorry I didn’t post last night.  I should have known better than to try to write on the weekend.

I got a whopping 300 words, but at least I wrote something.

The weekend, Saturdays especially is a time for Kevin and I to decompress.  We kick back, relax, watch TV and play.  As I noted earlier, it’s hard to write when he’s around because I want to focus my attention on him.  This is not a bad thing.  Bad for my writing, but there are other things in life that are equally if not more important.  At least in my book.

I will try to write again today and we’ll see what happens.


About amandamccarter

I am an aspiring writer. I spend most of my time balancing my work, my personal life and my craft. It is my hope that my craft and my work will one day be the same thing and I can spend more time on my personal life. I live with my boyfriend, my insane fluff ball of a cat, and two snakes. In what little spare time I have, I play video games, read, knit, and help out with the local conventions.
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