Writing Under a Microscope: Day 4

I want to clear something up real quick.  Thursday night, when I started all this, I mentioned what Dean Wesley Smith is doing on his blog.  I in no way meant to insinuate that he can do what he’s doing because of who he is.  Any writer can do it, but he’s got years of practice.  I could and write at those “speeds,” but I’m being lazy.  Part of this blog is to help fix that.  There is no reason, none at all, that I can’t write eight to ten thousand words a day other than I’m twiddling my thumbs and procrastinating.

I slept in a little today, til about 9:30, but our puppy Jack was crying bloody murder for food and potty, not necessarily in that order.  I’ve written in little spurts throughout the day, getting nearly a thousand words done while Kevin worked in the yard.  Sunday is our day to go grocery shopping and get other essentials taken care of.  Laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc.

All in all, got fifteen hundred words today, which is five times better than yesterday.  Not a great day, but not terrible.  Tomorrow will be better.


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I am an aspiring writer. I spend most of my time balancing my work, my personal life and my craft. It is my hope that my craft and my work will one day be the same thing and I can spend more time on my personal life. I live with my boyfriend, my insane fluff ball of a cat, and two snakes. In what little spare time I have, I play video games, read, knit, and help out with the local conventions.
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2 Responses to Writing Under a Microscope: Day 4

  1. I think even DWS would struggle to put out that kind of production (7K/day) over an extended period of time. Despite his shrugging it off in the comments, I think if he *could* maintain that pace he *would*. His normal output is below that, I’m sure. Read enough biographies of the various high-output writers like Max Brand (I forget his real name) and Erle Stanley Gardner, and their daily goals were in the 2500-3500 word range. Which is quite sustainable as a pace, I think.

    In my current project, I was targeting 12.5K per week (2500 per day, 5 days per week, with a pittance goal on weekends)…and missed it, unfortunately. Though the last couple weeks of my previous project I did better than that (and one week was 20K). On the current project I’ve averaged about 8.5K/week–though I plan to do better this week and next to get it finished. =)

    A big obstacle for me was to overcome the “I don’t have a big block of dedicated time” mentality. Once I was able to think it terms of “I have a few minutes, I’ll write something”, it made a big difference. I still struggle with this, BTW. Hardly a solved-and-done issue with me.

    BTW…if you’re on Skype, me and another indie writer friend report our wordcount progress to each other during the day. With IM chat. Not with voice. I would get *nothing* done if I was on the Skype-phone all day…


    • For some reason, WordPress keeps listing your comments as spam. Silly WordPress.

      And I don’t know if he would struggle or not. I think he works on several projects at once, if memory serves, which gives him a nice break from time to time, I’m sure.

      I know the old pulp writers had that kind of output.

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