New covers and price drops

Okay, so things they are a changing. I’ve redone some of my covers and dropped some prices. I’m working on some things (including the last book in the Galileo trilogy and a sequel to Quantum Magic, also a fantasy series I’m really excited about) and I want to get everything in place so people have a chance to check them out. Look for more changes coming.

These books have been reduced to 99 cents for the month of October.

Galileos-Stepdaughter 1- B&N

“Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” For Ellia McAllister, it couldn’t be more accurate.
Thousands of years after a devastating cataclysm, humanity lives in a new dark age. Technology and science are forbidden and a matriarchal church rules society. However, Ellia is ruled only by her curiosity. Defying the Church, she learns that all is not as it seems in the holy books and that humans once traveled to the stars and possibly beyond.
Her knowledge and defiance will mean her death and the death of her family unless she escapes. When she meets the mysterious Kieva, a nomadic Rover, she soon learns that more is going on in the Church than she ever thought possible. Without his help, her life, the lives of thousands of others, and mankind’s future are at risk. Can she set her own beliefs aside, her way of life, and trust a stranger? Even if trusting him might mean her death?”

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and distributed to other ebook retailers through Smashwords.

Blood and Satin 6x9 for B&N

Adelaide Hunter is a vampire. Only, she doesn’t know it yet.

A high class escort for some of the city’s wealthier businessmen, she doesn’t have any delusions about what she does. She gets paid for sex, and she’s well paid.

But when one of her clients winds up dead after a wild, kinky night with her, she’s in trouble. She’s pretty sure she killed him, but she can’t remember a thing. Can she figure things out before her new powers consume her? Or will the police close in before she even has a chance?

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and distributed to other ebook retailers through Smashwords.


The following books have been reduced to 3.99.


What do you do when you’re all alone in the night and millions of miles from home? Security Chief Janet Bryer made a costly mistake that sent her as far away from Earth as her superiors could manage and she’s miserable. Low gravity, crummy food, and a horrible death behind every bulkhead makes her hate life. Stuck on Ganymede Station, a veritable retirement community, Janet doesn’t think her life could get any worse.

Until she finds one of her officers dead in her office.

With a mad man hunting her down, she’ll have to learn about her new home and trust people she regards as strangers to stay alive. Will the people she dismissed and ignored trust her enough to keep her safe? Or will this be her downfall?

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and distributed to other ebook retailers through Smashwords.

Cybergenesis New GIMP

In the not so distant future, humans expand into space, spread across moons, planets, and stations, beyond the solar system. Cybernetics and biotechnology enhance their lives. And they also make things more dangerous.

A data diver who uses cybernetics to immerse herself in computer programs, Shelly Konrad is the top of her field. But one mistake cost her dearly, her fear given form inside the program, and now it’s back to haunt her.

She must convince a station on the outskirts to let her help or risk losing everything. But the station has a secret of its own, one the inhabitants will do anything to protect. Can they find common ground before Shelly’s past destroys them all?

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and distributed to other ebook retailers through Smashwords.


I’ve got more coming. Be on the look out. If you’ve read these books, feel free to leave a review on the site of your choosing. If you’d like to get updates about my books in your inbox, click on the mailing list link at the top of the page and sign up.

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A Destiny Review (contains spoilers)

Okay, I haven’t been on here much. Because Destiny. I love this game. It’s a great game and I am thrilled Bungie and Activision joined up to do it. Now, before you think this is going to be a 500 word love letter, I am going to go over some issues with it.

First of all, there will be spoilers. I’m gonna talk about the plot. I did mention spoilers, right?

Okay, here goes.

No, seriously, there will be spoilers.

Still reading? Okay, if you haven’t played the game yet (who are you and what rock have you been living under?) and you don’t want the game spoiled, just walk away now. Come back when you’re don.

Alright, still here? Great.

This game is beautiful. And I mean, could we expect less from Bungie? Halo had some pretty impressive scenery. I could wander around for hours just looking at the maps. If it weren’t for the enemies.

The enemies in this game have ridiculously high spawn rates. Like, I walk ten feet away from a mob I just plowed into the ground with my Fist of Havoc and they’re all back. Shooting at me. It’s annoying.

But it makes for great loot farming. A few people have complained about the drop system in the game. Your drops don’t depend on the difficulty of the enemy, just how many enemies you’ve killed. I don’t have a problem with this. Remember in the first Borderland how you could kill a whole pack of skags and get a Volcano or other such awesome orange weapon? Yeah, and then they changed it in the second one where you had to farm particular enemies for it and everyone whined?

Yeah, that. As soon as they fix it in Destiny, it’s gonna be a chorus of “But I LIKED it the other way.” You can’t have it both ways. So suck it up.

The game is a lot of fun. Between the Crucible, story missions, strike missions, raids, and weekly challenges, there’s a lot of variety.

A couple of things I’d like to see though. I want to see missions from NPCs, not just patrol missions, but actually go to the tower, talk to an NPC like Cayde or Xur and get missions more complex than “Go kill 20 enemies in the Cosmodrome.” Destiny is a semi-MMO, let’s see them treat it like one.

Another is instead of sequels, let’s just do expansions. Forbes has talked about this. Yes, Forbes. And I think it’s a good idea. I don’t want to start all over every time a new game comes out. I want to expand on my existing character and learn new classes.

Okay, now we’re gonna talk about the story. It’s dull, weakly structured, and not all that interesting. I actually didn’t really pay attention to what went on in the story. Not much at least. I know Darkness is coming and the Traveler helped us leap forward in technology, but not a lot else. There is so much room to grow here.

First of all, the Traveler. Where did it come from? Why is it on Earth? Why did it give us all this knowledge and technology? What is this Darkness it’s running from? What are the Ghosts? Are they the memories and personalities of the dead?

Then, what about the Stranger you meet on Venus? What’s her deal? I get the feeling she has something to do with the Traveler. Maybe a representation of the Traveler? And she’s an Exo. What’s that about?

Which brings me to the different species on Earth. The Awoken and the Exo. Why are they there? What are there stories. Why and when did they come to Earth? The Traveler? Yes, I know the Grimoire cards are there, but they’re pretty vague. That would be some nice extra content. Maybe an Awoken expansion and an Exo expansion, explaining the two species. Let’s do that Bungie.

Okay, yeah, you don’t care what I have to say. Well I don’t care that you don’t care. So nyah.

Let’s see, what else?

The leveling system is kind of cool. You reach the soft cap, then have to gather items with Light to go beyond that soft cap. It’s unique and I’ve never seen it in a game before. Bravo.

But the soft cap is 20 and the hard cap in 29. I got to twenty in a week. And I’ll be to 29 in about a month. That’s maybe an hour or two of play a day. That’s disappointing. That needs to be fixed in the DLC/expansions.

So summary:

Things I liked – Art, fun gameplay, loot system, leveling system.

Things I would like to see improved – Story, higher level caps, expansions over sequels, more NPC missions.

Have a good night and see you planet side Guardians!

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Mailing list!

I’m setting up a mailing list for everyone. I know I’m not the best at updating my blog and I’m working on that. I’m setting up a mailing list so that everyone who wants to know about what I’ve got going on will. I’ll occasionally have give-aways for readers and I’ll always send out a message when I’ve got new books coming out, or updates to current books. Also, any conventions, guest blogs, etc. I might be doing.

To sign up, go here:

I hope to have something soon.

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Update time.

I have updated my blog a little.  Hopefully, things are a bit easier to read.  I’ll be adding more things as time goes on.  First, a preview of things to come.


Galileos-Stepdaughter 1- B&N



Galileo's Resurection B&N

New covers, as you can see, and I am working on the last book in the series.  I hope to have it by January at the latest.  I’ll update everyone as soon as I have a better timeline.

Also, I will be setting up a mailing list here soon.  This will allow people to keep up with my work without having to check the blog and give folks a chance at some freebies and promotional material.  Stay in touch!


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So, I did a guest post for a group called The Fictorians, a fantastic writer’s group that sprung up because of Superstars Writing Seminar.  By the by, if you’re unfamiliar with Superstars or have been wondering if you should do it, you really should.  It’s a great time, you meet lots of very cool people, make some new friends, and learn a ginormous amount of information.  More on Superstars found here:


Anyways, here’s my post.  Also, hi mom!

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Changes on the way

I’m going to be making some changes around here, doing some updates to the site and posting more.  Stay tuned.

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A guest blog

I’ve done a guest blog over at Nights of Passion.  Go check it out here.

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A few things

Firstly, let me apologize to anyone who went looking for Blood and Satin and Bonds of Blood on Amazon.  Because the titles are so similar, Amazon assumed they were the same book and listed them as such.  It should be fixed now.

Secondly, and more exciting, book 3 in the Blood and Satin series, Sacrifices is now available.


Blood and Satin 3 6x9 B&N


It’s available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords currently for 3.99 a piece and should filter out to the other sites shortly.  Yes, yes, I need to get on the ball with Kobo and work on paperbacks.   I will…eventually.

If you haven’t checked out the other two, click the links at the top of this post for Amazon.  Here is Blood and Satin and Bonds of Blood for B&N.  And Blood and Satin and Bonds of Blood for Smashwords.


And, of course, many, many thanks to my cover artist Keith Draws for fantastically gorgeous cover art.



Finally.  Spammers go away.  Now.  I don’t like you.

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New Vampire Novella

First of all, wow, the spam is strong this week.  Holy monkey farts, Batman.  Please understand, if you spam my blog, I will nuke your comment without a second thought.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Book two for Blood and Satin, Bonds of Blood is out!

Blood and Satin Final Artwork2 B&N

It is available at Amazon and Smashwords currently, but expect it to filter out to the other sites shortly.


Also, look for book three at the beginning of August.  Sacrifices.

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The One Thing I Would Have Done Differently

Study science.

Go ahead, be artsy, do the music and the language and the art, but also STUDY SCIENCE.

Get a minor, do a summer internship, do a double major.  There’s nothing and no one that says you can’t study arts and sciences.  Do it and you’ll thank yourself later.

Why?  Why in the world should I study science?  It’s hard and complicated.

Of COURSE it’s hard.  If it was easy, any idiot with access to household chemicals could do a world of damage.  But that’s not why it’s hard.  It’s not hard to prevent people from doing, it’s hard because it helps us do more.  It’s important and vital to human development.  It gives us medicine, computers, jewelry, central heating and cooling, television, and a better understanding of our world overall.  It warns us of natural disasters, medical issues, and a whole host of other problems.

But it can give you a sense of wonder, open your eyes to the universe and really broaden your horizons.  No one wants to talk to someone who just talks about music or art or 16th century poets.  Conversations are diverse and complex (unless your only source of information is tabloids, then it’s quite simple and dull).  Even a small amount of understanding about the world through science does amazing things for your sense of purpose.

It gives you a base of reference.  If you’re a writer, you have a knowledge base to pull from.  If someone says something scientific on the TV, you know what they’re talking about.  If there’s a warning about something, you can figure out just what that means for you.  Medical diagnoses, books, games, movies.  It goes on and on.

“Learning science removes the mystery!” some might argue.

Well, that’s kind of the point.  Scientists are curious.  They want to know how or why.  They’re not satisfied with “because I said so” or “because it is.”  And neither should you.  Believe me, learning about how and why the world works only makes me more awestruck.  The universe is a big, big place and the qualifications for life are so specific, I am amazed on a daily basis that we’re even here.  It’s very humbling and inspiring.  We’re here, we might as well do something with it.

Finally, if you study a science, it makes you a better job candidate.  You can’t get far with an arts or language degree.  Trust me.  I have first hand experience with this.  Get a minor in science.  Get a double major in science.  Do the internships.  Take the online courses.  Get the certifications.  You’ll thank me later.

So, study science.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Ecology, Computer Science.  Something.  Do it for yourself.  Don’t do it because I say you should.  Do it because you’ll enjoy some part of it, either the learning, the knowing, or the doing.  Yeah, it’s hard, but there’s something to be said for getting your hands dirty and using knowledge you didn’t know you had.  It’s worth it.

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